Smart Home Consultation

In smart home technology, you may not even know it is possible.

STEP 1 - Consultation

First meeting.

Our employees come from Apple Inc. retail training. Thus we have adopted the Apple Store method. If you do not understand the product it is not your fault. It is ours.

Our first meeting will be an understanding of what you are looking for as a consumer. With technology evolving daily, it is impossible to keep up with what is new. We can visit your residence or work, evaluate the location, and offer solutions. From doorbells to automatic shades, the possibilities are endless. Control your living room mood color based on painting in that room. With a tap of the phone, or your watch, or simply ask siri and this is all possible.

  • Security

    Simple forms are doorbell cameras. Advanced users have multiple outdoor and indoor cameras, outdoor and indoor motion sensors, smart door locks, smart lights and speakers.

  • Comfort

    Smart thermostats can man you feel comfortable and save you money at the same time. Ad on devices allow savings in specific areas of the house with sun trouble. Using smart shades and smart air conditioners.

  • Fun

    Lets show off. With the ability to tap your phone against a RFID tag, and create a scene on your smarthome. This for example would allow your beautiful art piece hanging on the wall have a nameplate, and a RFID or QR code allowing your room to match its color to that painting.

  • Convenience

    Smart Garage Doors, Door Locks allow your life to work seamlessly. Use your CarPlace capable vehicle to control your home for example. Opening your garage door. Or simply ask siri as you approach your home. Some users create a geofence, so when their phones enter a specific area their garage doors would open, or doors would unlock. On simply turn on some lights.

Did you find what you need?

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Smart home saving tips

  • Use automation, apps like shortcuts for iOS and IFTT are very powerful at saving money.
  • Set house modes based on time or sunrise/sunset.
  • Use geolocation to turn on and off devices, or even unlock and lock doors.
  • Use power monitoring technology to see how much energy you are using.

Our Consultation prices

Size Consultation Deposit*
Residential $100
Business $200

*Non-refundable deposit towards final cost.

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